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Azalea Lopez

My name is Azalea Lopez, an 11-year-old from Oregon. Currently, I am in the 5th-grade, reading and writing are challenging for me. My Dyslexia has made it a struggle to read at the 5th-grade level. The nationwide pandemic forced kids like me to learn from home. It was tough on me! I had to battle Dyslexia with my little brother and big sister at home while trying to learn from a computer screen. It was not easy! I turned to my fidgets to reduce my stress and anxiety about online learning.

The challenge of online learning led me to be an entrepreneur (a new word for me). I am just learning now how to spell the word. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs, but in the Spring of 2020, my dad, sister, and I worked at local Farmers' Markets selling Felton & Mary’s Artisan Foods BBQ sauce for my aunt and uncle's company. It was a lot of fun except my dad wouldn't allow me to spend my money unless I was "investing" it in myself. 2020 was a difficult year, pandemic, online learning, motor vehicle accident, trauma, and anxiety rattled me, but my love for fidgets helped me. This love turned my inherited entrepreneurial spirit on, and I FINALLY invested in myself! My Farmers' Market savings turned into Zae Zae Fidget & Things.